Scrap Car Merton

Are you looking to scrap that old car sitting in your garage?  Has your car failed its MOT and need getting rid of?

The Merton Car Disposals UK team are ready and waiting to scrap your car for free.  Our car disposal team provide you with a hassle free way of getting rid of old, broken, written off or damaged vehicles of all ages, makes and models.  Whether yours is a Mercedes Saloon or a Citroen family car, we will come and take it off your hands as soon as possible.

Car Disposals UK provide our Merton customers with a fantastic service, from free collection of your vehicle through to completing all the necessary DVLA car scrapage paperwork.  What’s more, we provide the whole car disposal service free of charge, and we may even pay you for your vehicle. 

We ensure that our car disposal process is an eco-friendly as possible, avoiding the release of harmful chemicals or the production of large amounts of waste.  Instead of just crushing and dumping your car, we recycle as much as possible and treat the vehicle with de-pollution treatment.

So, if you are looking for a quick, easy way of getting rid of an old vehicle, than the Merton Car Disposals UK team are here to help.


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