Looking to scrap or get rid of your old vehicles.

Car Disposals UK is the company for you if you want a professional car scrapping business to take care of removing your car.

If your car is a non runner or it has suffered an MOT failure or your car needs to be disposed of for any other reason then we can carry out this service for you in a professional and specialist manner.

We have a wide list of contacts in our industry, we operate a business which is committed to great customer service and we are quick to respond to calls, aiming to carry out car disposal within 48 hours of call wherever we can.

So if you want to scrap a car in Croydon or want a London car scrap business or if you just want to find out more about car scrap dealers and the services we offer then call us today! We will offer you free and impartial advice and chat with you through the possibilities.

Scrap car Guildford
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We offer 7 day week collection service as we want to make life as easy as possible.

You can be sure that our car disposal service does not just include scrapping a car, but it also includes recycling all the materials as efficiently as possible, removing glass and tyres and disposing of them appropriately. We make the process as environmentally friendly as we possibly can. We also utilise a de-pollution treatment on your vehicle.

Paperwork for DVLA notification is provided to all customers when we remove their cars. We operate according to DVLA guidelines and take care of the paperwork for our customers.

For those car owners who still have tax left on their car, this can be claimed back from the DVLA. We have all this paperwork to hand should you require it.

Disposal of cars and vans and other vehicles should be a simple and straightforward process and this is something we strive to deliver to all of our customers.

Thinking of scrapping your Old Car/Van or Lorry?

We carry out our scrap car collection across a large area including scrap car disposal in Surrey and Croydon. However, we also carry out car disposal in London too. We can go beyond these areas but these are the main cities we work in.

So if you need car disposal in Surrey or London or Croydon and you want a car scrap quote then give us a call for more information.

These three areas are the main locations we cover with our scrap car and scrap van services. We offer our services to all domestic customers but we also conduct a commercial car scrap business. With our services we cover the following locations and more:

Car disposal London
Car disposal Surrey
Car disposal Croydon
Scrap car Croydon
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